Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) about public adjusters

1. Who do you represent?

We are public insurance adjusters who represent you, the insurance policyholder who has experienced a covered insurance loss.

2. Why do I need to hire a public insurance adjuster?

The insurance adjuster represents your insurance company, not you. His allegiance is with his employer while a public insurance adjuster’s allegiance is with you. We are thorough and we work for you. Reporting a “non-covered” claim will affect your insurance premiums and I’m sure you already pay enough. A free thorough inspection by a licensed public adjuster could prevent you from making a costly mistake.

3. Do I need a public insurance adjuster?

You will, especially if the losses are substantial. For example, you wouldn’t need a Public Adjuster for a small claim like one broken window. This type of loss will likely be less than your policy’s $500-$1,000 deductible. On the other hand, you will need a Public Adjuster if the insurance company has denied your claim or if the settlement seems low. It’s important to get a Public Adjuster’s opinion before reporting your claim, remember, you might not even need to make a claim with your insurance company. Our inspections and consultations are always FREE. Why risk it?

4. What about my insurance agent – shouldn’t he represent my interests?

While your insurance agent is likely a nice person and highly skilled in finding an insurance policy that meets your needs, your agent is not trained (and most likely not licensed) in the field of public insurance adjusting. Not only that, insurance agents are often employed by the insurance company. Those that are independent may not be employed by the insurance company, but they are paid commissions by them, so there’s an inherent conflict of interest.

5. Will you help me receive a faster, more satisfying insurance settlement?

It’s not unusual for our clients to receive larger insurance settlements – and receive them faster than expected. Our public insurance adjusters are prompt and thorough. We take great care in preparing your claim, documenting the damage, and preserving evidence. Insurance companies tend to settle complete and thorough claims much faster than those that are missing forms or information.

6. Can’t I negotiate with the insurance company myself?

How good are you at estimating building and reconstruction costs? Do you know your local building codes? How well do you understand your insurance coverage and its exclusions? How confident are you in your negotiation skills? How much do you enjoy filling out insurance claims forms? Sure, you could attempt to negotiate a better settlement offer. However, if you’re serious about getting a larger settlement, you’re better off with a professional who specializes in insurance adjusting.